• Holds a Doctorate degree in business and management (International Graduate School of Business, University of South Australia) and a Master degree in Organizational Leadership (Monash University, Australia).
  • Developed a passion in the area of management systems during the early years of his career, which eventually saw him realizing his dream of setting up his own business and this was actualized through the founding of Caryl Lynch.
  • Oversees the management of Caryl Lynch's consulting and training engagements.
  • Accumulated a wealth of consulting and training experience garnered from various industry sectors such as government agency, trading, manufacturing, construction, engineering, marine related-services, automation, distribution and service industry etc.
  • Possess a rich blend of academic foundation, business experience, consulting approach and people skills, which translate to create custom solutions that accent the practical aspects for management system implementation and organizational interventions.
  • Enjoys working with organizations, teams and individuals to create a new way of working that can move the client organizations toward realizing their mission and vision.