Founded in 2003, Caryl Lynch has been providing quality services to client organizations in support of their management system deployment and implementation efforts. We provide consulting and training related services for both certifiable and non-certifiable management systems.
"Caryl Lynch aims to be the leader in providing value added management consulting services, training programs and organizational interventions, which in turn elevate our customers’ business to greater heights."
Vision & Mission, Caryl Lynch
About Us
At Caryl Lynch, we delight our customers by creating a relationship that is unmatched by many. From the initial contact, to the consulting and/or training engagements, and the post-project support, we maintain a high level of involvement with our clients to achieve the desire outcome. To that end, we are well poised to be the preferred management system architect that designs, develops and executes consulting services, training programs and customized organizational interventions with the aim to build our client's business. This is encapsulated in our tagline, "…together we build your business" which provides us with a roadmap for winning our clients' trust.
Our Philosophy
For any business to thrive in today’s dynamic environment, the organization must be guided by the way it will look in the future and has to remain focus on its purpose of existence. At Caryl Lynch, we remain firmly anchored on our corporate vision and mission, which has steered us on the path towards a long-term destination for our business. As we look ahead, our vision and mission remain a source of inspiration and informs us of the desired level of performance respectively, which shape our business into the future.